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Latest Trends


Keep up to date with all the latest food trends and styles and how these reflect within all things frozen dessert. Whether that be fine dining plated gelato trends, or the latest ‘premium style’ soft serve revolution. #DessertClubStayAhead


Tomato sorbet on brioche crumbs topped with grated preserved egg yolk
Hendricks Gin Gelato on a Cucumber and botanical infused bed

Recipes and Ingredients


We’ll explore new recipes and ingredients; pushing the boundaries, providing you with inspiration and helping you to build your knowledge bank. #DessertClubKnowledge 

A Hub of knowledge sharing and support

Drawing from a pool of unrivaled experience and industry experts, we have a great deal to share with you. Originally set up as a guide and support structure for Carpigiani UK customers, this has evolved into the 'open to all' club community it is today; providing support to the industry sector as a whole through sharing of the worldwide knowledge and experience we draw from helping members become more knowledgeable and ultimately, successful. As well as creative sessions, we'll also look at topics such as health and safety, industry challenges, and taylor content to our members wishes. We are always looking for new ideas - please tell us what you want to see more of - its your club! Contact us  So, whether you are an industry professional, chef or business owner, a budding entrepreneur looking to set up a business featuring Ice Cream and Gelato, or simply have a passion for this product sector looking for recipe tips, you are most welcome aboard the Dessert Club! Join in on the live chat within our webinars - the more interactive the sessions, the more value they deliver for everyone. #DessertClubTogether 

De Bellis - Mojito forest with mojito gelato
Honeycomb cone
Luxury Layered Cone Ideas